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How to play the Game




To learn more about the Game watch the following Game tutorials. There are 3 sections, these include:

  1. Finding your way around the Game
  2. How to place a trade
  3. How to set up a watchlist. 

How to trade

To access the trading page select 'Trading' from the menu.

Get a current price for a company in the Game

Under the heading 'Price search' on the Trading page, click on the drop-down box and scroll down until you find the company you wish to get a price for. Click once on that company to select it and then click on the 'Get price' button to reveal the last sale price, $+/- change for the current trading day and the opening price in ASX TradeMatch®. To return to the Trading page, click on the 'Close' button.

Place an order

On the Trading page scroll down to the section headed 'Order entry':

  • Select either the buy or sell option
  • Enter the quantity of shares you wish to buy or sell in the 'Number of shares' box.
  • Click on the 'Code/company' drop-down box and scroll down until you find the company you wish to buy or sell. Click once on that company to select it.
  • Select either 'Market order' or 'Limit order' under order type. If you click 'Market order' you will receive the next last sale price in ASX TradeMatch® after your order is placed. The quantity of shares will depend on the quantity of shares available in TradeMatch at that time. (Please see 'How orders are processed' below for more details).
  • If you click on 'Limit order', you will have to set a limit by nominating a price at which to buy or sell shares.
  • Click the 'Preview order' button and if you are happy with information displayed, click the 'Submit order' button and your order will automatically be placed in 'Orders pending'. A 'Limit order' will stay in 'Orders pending' for 14 days after which, it will be automatically removed.
  • Once an order is processed it disappears from 'Orders pending' and will be shown on your Portfolio page. To view your Portfolio page, click on the link at the bottom of the Trading page. This will display the price at which you bought or sold the shares.

How orders are processed

  • In this Game, the quantity of shares purchased must not exceed 25% or more of the player's total portfolio value. Please note, if you invest in a company whose share price increases in ASX TradeMatch® so much that it means you are holding 25% or more of that particular stock in your portfolio, you are not required to sell the stock.
  • If an order is placed using 'Market order', the next price for that stock in TradeMatch, after the order is received, will be used to process that order. The quantity of shares you have requested will be either filled in its entirety or partially according to the last volume traded for that stock in TradeMatch. For example, if you place a 'Market order' to buy 10,000 shares in XYZ Company at 2:10PM and the next transaction for XYZ in TradeMatch occurs at 2:11PM and only 5,000 are traded at $1.00 each, you will receive 5,000 XYZ shares at 2:11PM and an order for 5,000 shares in XYZ will automatically go into the 'Orders pending' section of the Trading page.
  • If an order is placed using 'Limit order' the player must nominate a price at which they are prepared to buy or sell the stock and the order will remain in 'Orders pending' on the Trading page until the last sale price in TradeMatch matches your nominated price. The quantity of shares you have requested using 'Limit order' will be either filled in its entirety or partially filled according to the last volume traded for that stock in TradeMatch.
    Please note, if you place an order to buy stock at a price which is higher than the next available last sale price in TradeMatch, the purchase will be processed at the lower market price. For example, if you wish to purchase shares in XYZ Company and set a limit of $10.00, if the next available last sale price is $9.80 in TradeMatch you will receive the shares at $9.80 instead of the original $10.00 you specified. Alternatively if you specify a lower selling price than the next available last sale price the sale will be processed using the higher market price to maximise your gains.

Daily limit on orders

Players are limited to placing a total of twenty (20) orders per trading day ("Daily Limit"). This "Daily Limit" reflects both the buy and sell orders a player places. For example, a player will be prevented from placing more orders if they have already placed 12 BUY orders and 8 SELL orders. Partially filled orders will be counted as one (1) order only. For example, if a player places an order for 5,000 XYZ Company Shares on Monday, and 1,000 is filled on Monday, and the remaining 4,000 is filled on Tuesday, this will count as one order only, and will count towards the limit for the day on which the order was placed.

If a player attempts to place more than twenty (20) orders per trading day, they will receive the following message: "You have attempted to exceed the maximum daily limit of 20 orders per trading day. This order will therefore not be processed."

Brokerage charged

Brokerage will be charged against the theoretical portfolio value on each purchase or sale of stock at the rate of $20.00 for each trade up to and including the value of $10,000.00. For each trade over $10,000.00 value, brokerage at the rate of 0.2% of the trade value will be charged. 

If an order to buy or sell shares is partially filled, brokerage will be charged only on the dollar value of shares that have actually been purchased or sold. The Game will however keep a record of the brokerage you were charged when the first partial order to buy or sell shares was executed so that you pay no more brokerage than the standard rate. For example, if you wish to buy 5,000 XYZ shares at $1 each and only 2,600 are filled you will pay $20 brokerage. If the remaining 2,400 shares in XYZ are subsequently executed you will pay no more brokerage as the total amount of brokerage paid on 5,000 shares ($20) has already been paid for. If you had ordered 25,000 XYZ shares at $1 each and 10,000 are filled ($20 brokerage paid) and then the order for the remaining 15,000 is later filled you will pay brokerage of 0.2% on the outstanding amount.

Monitoring your portfolio



The information below is also covered in the Game Tutorials.   

View your current portfolio

The Portfolio Page provides an itemised account of all trading that has taken place.

At the top of your Portfolio page is the up-to-date account of the cash you have in your portfolio, your shareholding value (total value of shares) and total portfolio worth which includes your cash on hand and shares. Your current portfolio value is being constantly updated with real prices straight from the market.

You can also view your portfolio on selected days. On the Portfolio Page, click on the dropdown box under 'View your portfolio'. Scroll down the list and click once on the date you wish to view your portfolio for.

To view your portfolio on selected days, click on the dropdown box under 'View your portfolio' on the Portfolio page. Scroll down the list and click once on the date you wish to view your portfolio for.

The Market watch page

The Market watch page shows all 'Upcoming dividends'.  Under the dividends section there is a list of future dividend payments affecting your portfolio - this lists the dividends (capital returns or bonus issues) you are eligible to receive if you hold the shares until the "ex-date".

To receive the dividend or capital return, a Player must already have holdings (not merely orders placed) in those shares at the close of trade the day before the ex-date. 

The Market watch section of the Game also provides you with a link to the ASX Charts and the ASX watchlist tool.  

Check your ranking in the Game

When you access the Rankings page, it automatically defaults to displaying the top 100 players in the nation. If you wish to see the top players in your state, click on the box entitled 'Choose ranking level' and select your state.

This Rankings page displays rankings based on each player's portfolio value calculated at the close of trade on the date as displayed.

At the bottom of the rankings page there is a national summary, here you can see what you ranking is, the average player portfolio and how many active players there are.




For questions about registering, logging in and passwords see Game Admin FAQ (PDF 42KB)

For questions about Trading and the Game pages see Game Trading FAQ (PDF 52KB)

Technical FAQ

If you are having trouble with:

  • Previewing your order - Placing an order or you are unable to complete a buy or sell order - please work through the following Unable to complete order. (PDF 5KB)

  • For Technical requirements please see the Rules page

If you are still having problems, email us at with specific details as to what the issue is and we will be able to help you.

*Dates subject to change without notice. Participation in the Game is subject to acceptance of the Game Rules.
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