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Game 2 2014

Opens 17 July

Game period:
7 August - 19 November

Learn to trade with the ASX Sharemarket Game

You are given a virtual $50,000 and your challenge is to make that $50,000 grow.

The Game gives you the chance to buy and sell shares in 150 companies listed on the sharemarket. It reflects real sharemarket conditions, uses live prices, and brokerage is charged on each trade. Best of all, the Game gives you the chance to trade without putting your own money on the line.

If you are thinking about trading but arenot quite ready to step in yet, the Sharemarket Game is a great way to:

  • develop your knowledge of the sharemarket
  • test your investment strategies
  • learn to keep track of a share portfolio
  • trade risk free
  • compete with your friends

Play the Game and have fun, whether you are a seasoned investor or an absolute beginner. Entry is free and the top investor will win $3000 in cash.

Tools to increase knowledge
Tools to increase your knowledge:

If you are new to the sharemarket we have a number of tools to help you learn more about the sharemarket. These include:

  • ASX Tutorial videos- here you can learn the basics of the sharemarket. Here isa tutorial on 'What is the sharemarket?'

  • Online shares course - this will give you a good understanding of the sharemarket and how it works.
  • ASX Investment Videos - these are presentations from industry experts on issues related to sharemarket investing.
  • Investor Update is a monthly newsletter where you get access to market insights.

More information

How the Game works

  • Buy and sell shares in any of the nominated ASX Listed companies.
  • Place orders to buy or sell shares any time. ASX TradeMatch® is open (10 am to 4.10 pm)
  • A market order will be filled using the next available price. You can also place a limit order (you set the price)
  • Orders will either be filled or partially filled depending on the quantity of shares available.
  • Available prices and quantities of shares from the real sharemarket will be taken from TradeMatch only.

*Dates subject to change without notice. Participation in the Game is subject to acceptance of the Game Rules.
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