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Thanks for your participation in the Game. Our goal is to continually improve what we do, so your feedback is valuable to us. Plus you get the chance to win a $100 gift voucher which we will give to 3 players that complete the survey and give the most helpful feedback.

The survey needs to be submitted by 22 November. Winners will be posted on the Game Home page 29 November.
1. Do you feel you understand the sharemarket more after playing the Game?

2. What is the biggest lesson you have learnt as a result of playing the Game?

3. Which of the following Game / ASX resources did you use to help you with the Game?
(Select relevant boxes)

 Game video tutorials
 Player leaderboard (excel spreadsheet)
 Company sectors (excel spreadsheet)
 Hot and cold stocks list
 ASX Charts
 ASX Watchlists
 ASX Investment videos
 Investor Update monthly newsletter
 Shares course
 ASX prices & announcements
 ASX iPhone app
4. What other resources did you use to assist with your trading strategies for the Game.

5. If this was your first time playing the Game, is there a resource you wished was available?

 Yes - please provide details on resource
 No - the resources provided were enough
6. Did you read the Game newsletter?

 What else would you like to see in the newsletter
7. Do you use the Game on a mobile device?

 If Yes
 Mobile phone
8. Did you take Lincoln up on their 30 day free trial of Stock Doctor Platinum?

 If YES how would you rate it?
 If NO:
 I didnít see the offer
 It wasnít something I was interested in
 Iím already a subscriber of their service
 I have already taken up a free offer previously
9. Now that you have played the Game what will your next action be?

 Play again
 Continue monitoring my Game shares via a watchlist
 Do more reading and learning
 See a financial advisor
 Find a broker
 Start trading live
10. In order to be eligible for a prize, you will need to include your contact details.

 First and last name
 Player name
 Email address
Submit Survey

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