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We want to hear about your experience of playing the Schools Sharemarket Game.

Plus you get the chance to win movie tickets. Complete the survey and answer questions 3 & 8 for your chance to win a pack of four movie tickets. (Three ticket packs are up for grabs.)

The survey needs to be completed by 2 November 2012. Winners will be posted on the Game Home page on 9 November 2012.
1. Do you know who Citi is?

 Yes - Give your answer
2. How many times have you played the Game?

 Three times
 Four or more times
3. What subject did you play the Game in? How did the Game help you with this subject?

4. Did you read the Game newsletter?

 Yes (If yes, please answer Q:5)
5. How helpful did you find the newsletter?

 Very helpful
 Not helpful
 Not sure
 What else would you like to see in the newsletter?
6. In the newsletter, did you find the Citi market reports useful and interesting?

 I didn't read the newsletter
7. What is the number one lesson that you learnt from the Game?

 My Number One lesson
8. Was there anything you found difficult to understand with the Game or with learning about the Sharemarket?

9. To be eligible for the prize you need to fill in your details below.

 First and last name
 Syndicate name
 School name
 Teacher's name
 Your email address
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