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Getting started

  • Learn more about Shares

Resources to help you get started Useful links to visit

If you are unsure about what shares are or how the sharemarket works, the best place to start is with our free education resources:

Things you can do before the Game starts 

1. Look at the list of companies

    • There is a set list of companies you can trade during the game.
    • Click on the link for the particular company you wish to research to find prices, company announcements, charts, company details, closing prices over the last week and dividends.
    • Understanding dividends - gives additional information on dividends and where to access the latest data.

    2. Setup a watchlist

    • A watchlist enables you to monitor the performance of companies that you hold or are interested in.
    • If you haven't setup a watchlist previously, we suggest you watch 'How to Create a Watchlist' - WMV (13MB)  / Flash (6.21MB). 

    3. Start your research

    • Simple research involves things such as reading financial newspapers, considering world events and watching how markets and the price of individual companies react.
    • The key to the Game is trading the right stock at the right time so keep up to date with recent company announcements. Watch out for impending takeovers, changing commodity prices, new products, or the possibility of the company expanding into new markets.
    • The Company research page enables you to search for in-depth price, company and trading information for listed companies.

    4. Charts

    • A picture paints a thousands words or so they say.  Use the Charting tool to get a snapshot of how a company or sector is performing.
    • Art of the Chart (PDF 69KB)

    5. Understand market sectors

    • A sector is a group of companies that have the same business operations.  As the economy moves through different cycles, certain sectors will profit more than others. One way of finding good companies is to start by identifying the sectors that are performing well via the real time S&P/ASX sector indices. Once you have located the winning sectors, check which companies in the Game belong to that sector by looking at the Company Sectors list (CSV 3.6KB).  
    • Index overview
    • Sectors on the S&P - weekly / monthly / year to date figures 

    6. Develop a trading plan

    7. Making your first trade

    8.  Player Leaderboard

    • Compete against other players using the Player Leaderboard (Excel 84KB).  Bring together others  - perhaps a workplace team, a social team or maybe even your sports team. 
    • Keep track of each others performance in the game, using the Leaderboard.

    Happy investing!


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