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Announcing Game winners

It was a very close Game with only $101 separating 1st and 2nd place.

We also had:

  • 92% of players finishing the Game in profit
  • The All Ordinaries was up over 13%
  • And 81% of company share prices in profit over the Game period

Congratulations to the winners and to all those who played actively for the whole Game.

If you want to find out how they did it, all our first place winners have kindly shared a few strategies. We have also included further information on how much time they spent on the Game each day, how much they traded, which sectors they traded in as well as an excel link to their portfolio page.


Dyson: ‘dysonp’ ~ This is Dyson’s first time playing the Game. He generally used a ‘buy and hold’ strategy for the Game, buying 7 times and selling only once on 1 October. He invested in 5 sectors: Industrials, Utilities, Materials, Consumer Discretionary and Financials.

“A week and a half before the Game was to start, I jumped right into the Watchlist that ASX provides and made up several sets, researching into each company I selected...from here I looked at which companies were doing well and which weren't. I then made a watchlist combining the ones I saw that were doing better out of the lists I had going and made my decision from there.

The buy and hold strategy has been one that almost everyone knows. It's a strategy that I thought would benefit me, and it did for the most part, until the within the last month. With 3 weeks left of the Game, the stocks took a plunge just as I got to the 70K mark and I saw 13K just disappear in a matter of hours. I thought to myself "What Have I Done!!!!" The next day I saw that I had only dropped to 2nd in the rankings, that was a relief.

I decided it couldn't get any worse, so I still stuck with what I had and persevered through to the end of the game. I regret nothing of my strategy as it worked to my advantage. I don't think I would have gotten where I am with any other strategy.”  View Dysonp's portfolio (CSV 5KB)

QLD 2nd: Rendra ~ ‘Rendra’
QLD 3rd: Dave ~ ‘Dave8777’

SOUTH AUSTRALIA 1st ~ $67,792

Nhan: ‘Nahn Diep’ ~ Nhan is also a first time player. He spent about 5 – 10 minutes, a couple of times a week on research. He bought 9 times and sold 5. He invested in the Industrials, Materials, Consumer Staples, Finanicals & Energy sectors.

“As a noob to the ASX Game I had no idea what I was doing, I didn’t even know how to research or read the when choosing shares...I went by the brand name and I also looked for price - the lower the better. I did this because I thought that these shares would have the potential to grow a larger percentage in value easily. I usually held the shares and sold once they reached $10.00 or more in profit...Knowing when to sell is important...I know from experience...if you see your shares going up too quickly there is a good chance they may drop the following day. I found that I was better off selling the shares rather then letting them drop in value. I knew I could always buy them back the next day when they are cheaper!”  View Nhan Diep's Portfolio (CSV 7KB)

SA 2nd: Charles ~ ‘chaps1987’
SA 3rd: Christine ~ ‘Chrissie29’

VICTORIA 1st ~ $66,815

Anh: ‘tranhuuanh227’ ~ This is the second time Anh has played the Game. He spent a couple of hours every day reading and watching news…over the first half of the Game, he only spent a small amount of his time on the Game. He became more active in the last few weeks and watched the share movements quite often. Anh traded quite a lot – buying 32 times and selling 22 times. He invested in Materials, Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Industrials, Telecom, and Financials.

“I decided to buy 4 companies at a time in order to maximise my profit. In deciding on the companies that I would buy I looked at the gain and the loss of the previous day, possible news of takeovers, plus other news. I also liked the banking sector. I kept an eye on the US market and if it went down overnight, I would sell and take my profits. Sometimes I think I sold too soon and could have made more profit. From this Game I have learned about the dynamics of ASX, how to get trading information and how to follow a plan."  View Tranhuuanh227's portfolio (CSV 11KB)

VIC 2nd: Mark ~ ‘toffee’
VIC 3rd: Paula ~ ‘paulacmilleri’

NEW SOUTH WALES 1st ~ $66,621

Steven: ‘Sp1’ ~ Stephen has played the Game once before, he spent on average 1 hour per day on research. He bought 6 times and sold only once, investing in the Financial, Consumer Discretionary, IT and Industrial sectors.

“My strategy in playing the Game was based around price momentum. I identified 5 stocks at the start of the Game that had significant upward price momentum in the months leading up to the start of the Game. I then invested $10,000 in each of these stocks. I only switched out of a stock if the momentum appeared to have ceased. I chose to invest on the basis of momentum because of the relatively short time horizon of the Game. Given this time horizon, I felt that other investment strategies (for example, fundamental analysis) were unlikely to be successful because they generally required longer time horizons to yield significant returns.”   View SP1's portfolio (CSV 4KB)

NSW 2nd: Maxwell ~ ‘Pacman200’
NSW 3rd: Jun ~ ‘Jun’

WESTERN AUSTRALIA 1st ~ $ 63,444

Man: ‘UpUpAndAway’ ~ Man has played the Game quite a few times, for this Game spending approximately 3 hours a day on research. Trading in and out of the market, Man bought 35 times and sold 32 times, investing in 8 sectors: Utilities, Industrials, Materials, Consumer Discretionary, Energy, Consumer Staples, Health Care and Financials.

“My strategy was simple, go for the stock that recently announced bad new which devalued the shares…chances were the share would drop usually about 30%. I put in an order and in a few days when the dust settled the shares went back up, I sold them. I also read share investment magazines and the ASX newsletter to keep up to date with news with regards to government policy.”  View UpUpAndAway's portfolio (CSV 17KB)

WA 2nd: Rod ~ ‘greybeard’
WA 3rd: Graham ~ ‘TraderGraz’

TASMANIA 1st ~ $63,511

Darrin: ‘shareinadream’ ~ Darrin has played the Game a number of times previously. He spent about 1 hour a day on research. His strategy was to trade in and out of the market; he bought 18 times and sold 13 times. He invested in the Materials, Industrials, Consumer Staples, Utilities, Telecom, Healthcare, Consumer Discretionary and Financials sectors.

“Over the last few Games I have used a strategy of researching the trends of a company. Predominantly this was looking at and trying to understand the daily graphs and trend lines. This was a volatile way to play the Game and I saw some great gains but just as much saw some great losses. I have refined this concept to now include looking at the company announcements as they occur; paying more attention to the market news when I can; broadening my research to look at sectors of the market and trying to understand how they affect the stocks I currently have. I am still a long way off where I want to be knowledge wise with the stock market but I can say because of this tool, I am a long way from where I was.”  View Shareinadream's portfolio (CSV 12 KB)

TAS 2nd: Denise ~ ‘Tasoptimist’
TAS 3rd: Des ~ ‘oldman emu’

We have also included the sector and company performance spreadsheet (CSV 6KB) plus the Top 10 / Bottom 10 Hot & Cold Stocks (XLS 5KB) (CSV 3KB) for the Game period.

We hope you enjoyed the Game and learnt a lot more about the sharemarket.

See you next year.

The Games Team

Game sponsor

Westpac Broking logo

The Phantom says: Harry Hindsight is the best trader in the market.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the ASX Sharemarket game, and stuck with it to the end. I ended up with mixed results, with a couple of wins, some poor decisions and an underperformance to the index.

The game was conducted in one of the best periods for a while (end of 2007 was the last time I actually smiled while playing). The lessons from the last two years did impact on my trading, which found me erring on the side of caution (most of the time). I don’t view this as a bad thing, and wonder how long it will be before I yet again throw caution to the wind.

I realised that I am not going to pick every winner and that there will always be a better trade that I could have made (understatement of the year). I fell for the hindsight trading trap, where no matter what I was holding, I felt there was always a better option, and I kicked myself for not having purchased it. The indecision that arose naturally caused me to make some stupid calls.

In the clash of the Indices, the KOD (Kiss Of Death) index won the race (+15%), edging out the XJO (+14%). I finished with a return of 9.109% or $4,554.42. I ended up offloading everything bar Telstra at the end. Sure enough, straight after the game fished Telstra went up.

Final Holdings as at Close of Business 11 November:
TLS – Quantity 3,520

Cash:   - $42,762.42
Share holding value;  - $11,475.20
Total Portfolio value: -  $54,237.62

Thankyou for all the feedback I received, hopefully you found the game both enjoyable and educational at the same time. There will be a feedback section, so feel free to post comments and donations (please make the cheques out to Cash).

Of note, I used the Trader Pro platform and Premium Research during the game. The tools were great, but the Muppet behind applying them and making decisions left a bit to be desired. Details of the tools and research can be found via Westpac Broking website
Bring on the next game! Now If Only I had…..

The Phantom Trader

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